About Us

Yolanda Ramos, Certified Personal and Professional Chef


She received a degree in Applied Business with a focus in Hospitality Management & Culinary Arts. After her internship at Wholefoods Market in the prepared foods department she co-founded her company with the vision to improve the health of her community. She continues to have a large impact in the Latino community and understanding that in order to make change you must meet people where they're at in life.

Private Services: Grocery tours, Customized Meal Plans, Catering, and Private Dinner Parties. 

Rhonda Sharpley, Certified Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach


She has 40 plus years' experience in the food, health and wellness industry. She received her Certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She has served on numerous boards throughout her career including the Cleveland Child Care and Early Learning Center. She practices a good, better, best model emphasizing not settling for good, until good becomes better and better becomes best!

Private services: One on one coaching, Group Sessions and Customized Health Plans.  

Alysha Ellis MBA, Co- Founder & CEO ​


She currently carries two degrees and working to accomplish number three. She has been through several business accelerator programs including: Jumpstart Core City Impact Program, Hope Operation Small Business Workshop, L.E.A.N. Fund, and Entrepreneurship Education Consortium. She has a social entrepreneurial spirit which drives her passion that reflects in her ability to provide efficient results. 

Private Services: Consulting, Personal and Professional Development Training. 

Our Story


Freshly Rooted LLC., formerly known as The Healthy Living Kitchen was founded in 2015. Co- Founders are Chef Yolanda Ramos, Coach Rhonda Sharpley, and Alysha Ellis MBA. Our mission is to support, empower, and engage our clients by utilizing a culturally-relevant and holistic approach to make sustainable health and lifestyle choices. Our vision is to improve the health and well-being of people which will impact family dynamics and lead to community transformation. Freshly Rooted has had the opportunity to teach, lead, and develop programs and initiatives around access to healthy affordable foods, nutrition education and overall community transformation.


In 2015, Chef Ramos was asked to be a part of a initiative called VIDA which was a new program Metro Health System was developing in the Latino Community on Cleveland's near westside. Chef Ramos became the programs Healthy Latin Cuisine Chef, where she took cultural foods and made them healthier. Shortly after, the Freshly Rooted team assisted with developing the curriculum for the first Train-the-Trainer series. Chef Yolanda Ramos and Coach Rhonda Sharpley provided expertise in healthy cooking, eating and living.  The first cohort graduated March of 2017 and we are excited to continue moving this program forward.  

In 2016, Freshly Rooted was awarded a grant to establish Metro Health's first ever Farmstand inside of the Women's and Children's Pavilion located at their main campus. The goal was to provide fresh local and seasonal fruit and produce in a neighborhood that is considered a Food Desert. What was suppose to be a 12-week pilot turned into a successful ongoing, farm stand to date.  During the same time, the team was approached by St. Clair Superior Development Corporation to establish the same concept for a 10-week pilot focusing on community health and wellness.

In 2017, Alysha Ellis was selected to participate in Jumpstart's, Core City Impact Program. She used the opportunity to accelerate Freshly Rooted as a business and was granted start-up capital that was utilized to develop marketing strategy and lead to increase of profit. Alysha has continued using Jumpstart's office hours to further develop Freshly Rooted's business plan and work on potential leads for the business